Be Activated Technique

Developed by South African Physical Therapist Douglass Heel, Be Activated uses a system of reflexes throughout the body that wakes up muscles. Once muscles are awake, they can function at their maximum potential in strength, power, endurance, and flexibility.

Applications for Be Activated range from improved sports performance, to great gains in training, but also the release of tight structures throughout the body that cause pain and dysfunction. Click here for a detailed article on how the Be-Activated technique has benefited an entire team of football players. For powerful testimonials and more information on the technique, you can visit Douglas Heel’s website, Slow Guy Speed School, or the Activate & Dominate site.

One Time Session:
With a Personal Trainer                          $75
With a Physical Therapist                       Visit our PT page.

Activate & Dominate Sticks               $10

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