Group Reformer

Located in Studio 2 of our facility, we offer a variety of group Reformer classes. Some class formats also include work on other pieces of Pilates equipment, including the Springboard/Tower, Chair, and Jumpboard. We recommend everyone start with a complimentary 30-minute Intro to Reformer class before attending other class formats.

Available in Studio 2

  • Single Class $25
  • 4 Classes $90
  • 8 Classes $160

*Class prices are for Studio 2 classes only and do not include mat/aerial classes in Studio 1. Due to limited space, all classes require pre-registration. No shows and late cancellations will be charged.

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This free, 30-minute introductory session is recommended for anyone interested in taking group reformer/equipment classes. You’ll learn the basics of the reformer, our studio policies, and get recommendations for classes appropriate for your fitness level and personal goals.

A challenging and safe Pilates workout for anyone new to the reformer or the Pilates method. Inspired by the traditional exercises and sequences developed by Joseph Pilates, you’ll get a strong understanding of the method while strengthening the deep core and stabilizing muscles. Several Level 1 classes recommended before taking Level 2 classes.

These classes are taught by senior instructors who have been practicing, teaching, and feeling the method for several years. Classes challenge balance and deep core strength through advanced traditional Pilates exercises, as well as contemporary adaptations. Speak with your Level 1 instructor, or email Terri ( ) about joining this class.

Fast paced, challenging, and fun! Add a bit of cardio to the reformer workout by jumping. These classes also include challenging planking sequences, pike ups, and more!

Focus on upper and lower body strength using wall-mounted springs (Pilates version of weight training). Springboards also include the Push-Through Bar, offering additional opportunities for connecting with the “powerhouse,” and improving range of motion.

These classes include work on each of the apparatuses in the studio: The Reformer, Springboard, and Chair. Several Reformer Level 1 and Springboard classes are recommended before taking this class format in order to build strength and gain knowledge and comfort on the equipment.