Pilates Mat Classes

These group classes, located in Studio 1 of our facility, range from
Foundations level, to Pilates-inspired Aerial fitness.
*Due to Covid-19, most of our studio 1 classes have moved online. Download Zoom & join us!

Pilates Mat & Aerial Classes

  • Single Class $16
  • 10 Class Package $140
  • Unlimited Monthly $99 (auto-renew)

*Class prices are for Studio 1 classes only, and do not include group
Reformer/Equipment classes.

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Learn, review, or refresh your understanding of the basics of Pilates, including neutral spine alignment, Pilates Stance, and proper breathing. Great for newcomers to Pilates and/or CORE.

Group mat class for beginners or intermediate-level Pilates students. Small props such as rings, rollers, bands and rotating discs can be included. A slower pace means instructors are able to make accommodations and modifications for clients as needed.

Challenging mat class for the intermediate/advanced Pilates student. Small props such as rings, rollers, bands and rotating discs can be included. Several beginner/intermediate classes recommended prior to participation.

This class is perfect for all Pilates students, regardless of level. The movements are standard and uncomplicated, yet challenging based on attention to depth and detail.

The most advanced level of the mat classes. Class moves quickly and utilizes traditional Pilates format and methodology. Previous Pilates experience is necessary, and participants should be free from injury.

This group Pilates class is designed specifically for those recently discharged from therapy; recovering from injury; seniors; or anyone just beginning a fitness routine. This gentle class uses modifications and small props to facilitate proper alignment and form. *This class is not recommended for anyone experiencing acute pain.

A high energy, fast paced workout using the barre and the weight of your own body to work the deepest layers of muscles. Focus is on small, precise movements, and may include a variety of props including weights, bands, rings, rollers, or the Aerial hammock.

Combines traditional Pilates and Yoga flow sequences with long-held postures in order to improve form, realign muscle groups, and improve improper movement patterns.

This class was developed as part of our Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor PT programming and is taught by Women’s Health Certified Physical Therapist Jill Lenzen. Women are coached through a variety of Pilates-inspired exercises, weight training, and pelvic floor fitness.

A challenging, fast paced combination of Pilates, Barre, and other traditional fitness exercises using a hammock or “silk” suspended from the ceiling. Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are injury-free. Not recommended for anyone with mobility limitations, acute injuries, or vertigo. Designed for the adventurous fitness person!

This class uses the hammock to support poses and explore inversions, while also helping you move freely, with less effort, by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice.